Background Verification

Some people who come to us are involved in litigation, Matrimonial Solutions, Tracing Missing Persons, Pre & Post Employment Verification, Pre & Post Matrimonial verification, Shadowing / Surveillence, Child Monitoring, some have concerns over the background of a family member’s new partner while others just want to clarify whether a person is being entirely honest about him or herself. You may want to know every intimate detail about a person or just learn some key information – whatever your requirements it is worthwhile speaking to an experienced investigator who can help you uncover the truth.

Matrimonial Solutions

When you feel that your partner or spouse is having an Matrimonial Solutions. Usually, there are no direct evidences against adultery and it has to be proven with the help of circumstantial proofs such as photographs of the spouse with a third person at secluded place where they may get intimate or at places like hotels where they may get an opportunity for physical relationship.

If you are married and you suspect your significant other, someone confirming the affair is not enough. You will need documentation that can be taken to trial if you make the decision to divorce. Documentation is the most important part of your case.

Tracing missing person

There are lots of reasons people go missing, long lost loved ones or family members who have voluntarily disappeared or run away, fugitive you need to find, debtors for money, runaways and miners who have been kidnapped, who have been gone a long time and are part of a cold case, or foul play, as well as for durg-or alcohol related reasons, illness, basically if you are worrying about someone’s, where about wish to locate someone who is not easy to find. We are able to assist you to find the person you are looking for.

Pre & post Employment verification

We not only conduct verification for pre employment, but also for post employment as well, which helps you in knowing the exact truth about your employee after they leave the organization and join hands with your competitors. You might be unaware when your employees might be stealing information and data and passing it on to your competitors. Pilferages and data thefts are serious concerns and need to be kept a regular check upon them, so as to prevent any confidential company information from leaking out.

Pre & Post Matrimonial verification

Marriage is one of the most important decisions of an individual’s life, as a new person is going to get associated with you, for your entire life. Since you have to live with this individual throughout your life, it’s very important to know all personal, professional, past history and financial details of him or her, so as to prevent any problems or any issues in the future. Our main focus area are:
– Family background check
– Character verification
– Financial status
– Social Status
– Habits and Any Addictions
– Earlier Marriage or Secret Affair, if any – Daily Routine

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