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Red Hawk Detective Agency is a premier investigation agency offering a whole range of detective services to clients across industries and geographies. It consists of a team of highly Proficiency & Experienced Agents having specialized experience in different fields who are highly experienced to handle cases pertaining to Background Verification, Matrimonial Solutions, Tracing Missing Persons, Pre & Post Employment Verification, Pre & Post Matrimonial verification, Shadowing / Surveillence, Child Monitoring, Insurance Claim Investigation, Criminal Investigations and Legal Services.

We never sacrifice client’s privacy as well as we never disclose client’s identity because we believe in quality service and also fulfill clients need with our result oriented detective services in Kolkata. We as Detective Agency in Kolkata put our cent per cent efforts on each and every case to give genuine result to client. We provide sufficient proofs and evidences for all the investigative services whether it is verbal, written, in form of photos or videos gathered by our investigation team.

We have a robust national network with a good infrastructural set-up and fully-equipped office in Kolkata to support its operations. We have office in Kolkata with modern and supported with right human capital and innovative technology so that we can cater our services on PAN India basis. By leveraging our network of comprehensive knowledge and resources, Red Hawk Detective Agency can access vast amounts of detailed intelligence and provide our clients with more accurate information and analysis. We make it easier to anticipate and react to events that occur nearly anywhere around him.

We are your solution because we have over 10 years experience within the Private Investigation, Business Investigation and Detective Services in Kolkata.

Our Services

Background Verification

Some people who come to us are involved in litigation, Matrimonial Solutions, Tracing Missing Persons, etc.

Matrimonial Solutions

When you feel that your partner or spouse is having an Matrimonial Solutions.

Tracing missing person

There are lots of reasons people go missing, long lost loved ones or family members who have voluntarily disappeared or run away.

Pre & post Employment verification

We not only conduct verification for pre employment, but also for post employment as well.

Pre & Post Matrimonial verification

Marriage is one of the most important decisions of an individual’s life, as a new person is going to get associated with you, for your entire life.


A very important and fundamental part of Investigation is Surveillance / Shadow, where Redhawk Detective Agency Investigators will keep the person under watch to observe the minute – to minute activities.

Child monitoring

In today’s generation of freedom, children enjoy their life uncontrollably but also miss the parents’ attention because more often than not, both the parents are working in a family.

Insurance claims investigation

Companies with the Insurance sector will be well aware of the statistics regarding fraudulent claim made by unscrupulous people.

Criminal Investigation

A criminal investigator looks for clues and evidence to determine whether a crime has taken place. If a crime has been committed.

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